Golf clubs and event organizers have always tried to entice golfers to sign up for a golf tournament by offering a hole in one car as part of the prizes. If you haven’t played golf before it helps to get an idea just what I am talking about.

Basically, a hole in one car prize is a golfer’s winning prize for getting his golf ball into a hole in just one shot from the tee. Great right? Not so fast because getting a hole in one is a bit harder than what you might think.

Another thing to note is that you should carefully read the rules and regulations of winning the hole in one prize since the rules are pretty strict and the winner should be within the set rules and regulations to claim his hole in one prize.

Getting back to winning the hole in prize, it basically all comes down to a combination of luck and a good swing. Even the most experienced and professional players don’t get the hole in one experience as much as they want to. This is probably the basic reason why golf clubs and event organizers offer a luxury car as a prize during prestigious golf tournaments.

The model of the car on offer would also vary depending on the tournament category, the fee to join the tournament, and of course the major car sponsor. For big stakes tournaments where golf masters play, the event organizers do offer luxury car models.

The PGA Tour’s BMW Championship always includes hole in one car prizes, which is usually one of their almost top-of-the-line luxury car models.

One of the most popular hole in one car prizes at the BMW Championship was the BMW i8 won by James Morrison during the BMW PGA Championship in 2016. The current minimum suggested retail price for the 2019 edition of the BMW i8 starts at $147,500.

If you classify yourself as an amateur golfer, then you might be interested that amateurs also get their chance of winning a hole in one prize. This year, the Carlsberg Golf Classic tournament for amateurs in Malaysia will be celebrating its 25th Silver Jubilee.

Lots of cash prizes are up for grabs. For hole in one winners, they are offering the Mercedes Benz AMG C 200 and E 200 Avantgarde Line.

Take note, however, that not all tournaments advertise their hole in one prizes. It would be safe to say that such prizes are usually announced nearer the tournament opening. Keep in mind that golfers tend to play for the prestige and game itself…and prizes are just bonuses for them.

The hole in one car prize might seem elusive to you but as the old saying goes, “try and try until you succeed.” After all, there is no harm in trying, is there? What are you waiting for?

Go put your golf attire on, take out your golf clubs from the storage bin, call up your old golf buddies, and go enjoy a nice day of golf. You’ll never know, you just might win a hole in one prize after all!

The Elusive Hole in One Car Prize – Why You Should Try