You see golf carts as a common vehicle used to get around golf courses and you might have seen one or two around your residential area, but have you  ever wondered if it is legal to use them on the streets? The good news is that golf cart manufacturers are now releasing street legal models in the market.

The most common street legal golf carts are the electric golf carts though. If you are in the market to purchase a street legal golf cart, be on the lookout for the acronym LSV. This stands for low speed vehicle, which makes it completely street legal.

Three good things to consider about purchasing a street legal golf cart would be that they are easier to operate, less expensive to purchase, and more environment friendly (since most are powered by electricity) compared to cars.

Since they usually have a maximum speed of 35 mph, it might even be a safer alternative to any other motor vehicle. You can use them for those small almost everyday trips to the grocery or the nearest park with your family or friends.

Some golf cart dealers do offer an upgrade option to allow their customers to own a street legal golf cart. The prices and upgrade add-ons may vary. If you already own a golf cart that is not yet street legal, it would be best to contact your golf cart dealer to check if the option is available for you.

If you find yourself wanting to own a street legal golf cart, even if you don’t play golf, don’t just go ahead and purchase the first street legal golf cart that you see. Take the time to shop around for what the market has to offer. See which one best suits your needs before finalizing your choice.

Does the number of available models give you a headache? Here are some 2018 models for electric golf carts that are street legal which might interest you:

Club Car Villager 2+2 LX LSV

This latest model from Club Car comfortably seats 4 persons and can run up to 35 mph. It has an indicator for battery capacity, a speedometer, and an hour meter.

Available in the standard colors of white, beige, and dark green. It also comes in classic blue, red, green, diamond white pearl, sand luster metallic, and titanium silver.

StarEV Classic 48V Electric Golf Cart Street Legal

This latest model from StarEV comfortably seats 6 persons and can run up to 25 mph. It has an indicator for battery capacity and has available upgrade options for your customization pleasure.

It is available in black with black or tan colored seats.

Tomberlin Emerge Saloon Red E4-SS Street Legal

This latest model comfortably seats 4 persons and can run up to 25 mph. It has 3-point safety belts and an optional matching rear-facing seats for two passengers.

It comes equipped with an illuminated digital speedometer and odometer, which are mounted on the dashboard. It is available in five standard colors.

Golf Carts – Are They Street Legal?