Golf carts, just like any other form of vehicle, whether old or brand-new needs proper care and maintenance to keep it running at its tip top condition. Here are some tips on the proper maintenance of your golf cart.

Read the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual is one great information source. It is provided to new golf cart owners and should be kept for future reference.

In case you misplaced your owner’s manual, check the Internet to look for free downloadable owner’s manual for you golf cart model. Can’t find one online? Check with your distributor for assistance.

The owner’s manual contains information on how to safely operate the golf car including general maintenance and easy repair of some problems that you may encounter. One thing that the owner’s manual doesn’t contain would be information on how to repair slightly more difficult issues.

Check the Batteries

Whether you own a gas or electric powered golf cart, it pays to regularly check the batteries since this is the main power source. But before you begin, make sure that you are wearing protective gear, such as gloves and safety goggles.

Batteries do contain gases that are explosive. Make sure that you are opening the battery in a well-ventilated area and far from materials that can cause sparks. Keep those cigarettes and any other open flame far away.

Check the batteries for possible battery corrosion, loose wiring and broken or frayed cables. Don’t use your golf cart until you have replaced any broken or frayed cables. Make sure those loose wires are tightly screwed on.

The loose wires or frayed cables is one cause of battery corrosion, which is why you should make it a habit to regularly check that everything is in good condition and tightly screwed on. Don’t forget to keep those batteries clean as well. Accumulated dust and grime can also cause battery corrosion.

Nowadays, you can purchase protective covers that help protect batteries from corrosion. If you want a cheaper alternative, you can always smear some petroleum jelly on the top of the battery to prevent dust and grime accumulation on the battery itself. Just make sure to wipe it off once in a while.

Keeping the Tire Pressure

Keep your tires in the recommended tire pressure psi to get the most out of your golf cart tires. Overinflating your tires can compromise your golf cart’s safety and ride quality as well as the lifespan of your tires.

If you are unsure of just how much pressure your golf car should have, check the side wall of the tire. You’ll find the information there.

Lubricate the Joints

A well-oiled machine always gives great performance, and this is also applicable to your golf cart. Have your golf cart periodically lubricated particularly if you just got it out of storage. Scheduling the lubrication to be done on a quarterly basis would be great.

If you are not quite confident in keeping your golf cart maintained, asking for assistance from your local mechanic would also work.

4 Tips for Golf Cart Care and Preventive Maintenance