Hi there!

During his heyday, my father loved to play golf whenever time permitted him to do so. I was honestly curious what made him enjoy the game when it all seemed to be nothing but a bunch of adults (mostly men) swinging some clubs. I was 8 years old at the time.

After asking the question, “Dad, why do you love golf? Isn’t it boring?”, he patiently explained that it wasn’t as simple as it looked. He went further on that golf involves a combination of skill and mindset. To further prove his point, he had me accompany him to one of his golf weekends.

He, and his buddies, took turns explaining golf in the simplest terms an 8-year-old could understand. This became one of the first of many golf outings my dad and I had.

I might not have understood it completely at first but as time passed, I learned to enjoy golf and often looked forward to the next “golf date” I had with my dad.

Nowadays, there is so much more than just the game of golf or the golf clubs that you would need to use. There are tournaments for both professionals and amateurs as well as the prizes you can win. Other industries have also taken their fair share in the golf industry.

This has led me to create Futura Golf as a means to keep people up-to-date. I’m Saville Sauriol and I’ll be taking you on a tour to the wonderful world of golf and beyond here at Futura Golf.