Hotel Accommodations for the 2018 Ryder Cup

Are you excited to watch this year’s Ryder Cup that will be held at Le Golf National, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France from 28 to 30 September 2018?

If you’re planning to watch the tournament live and in person, what better way than to book your hotel accommodation in advance and to rent a luxurious ride in Monaco?

You want a hotel that is nearest the tournament but stumped on where and which hotel to book? Here are some of the recommended hotel accommodations that are still open in Paris, Guyancourt, and Versailles that might interest you based on the list in the official Ryder Cup website.

Hotels in Paris

Hotel Duo – located 0.1 miles from the venue. £276.83 per night.

D’Win Hotel – located 0.2 miles from the venue. £149.52 per night.

Hotel Victoria Chatelet – located 0.2 miles from the venue. £175.75 per night.

Hôtel Hospitel – located 0.2 miles from the venue. £148.50 per night.

Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais – located 0.3 miles from the venue. £165.21 per night.

Hotel Le Compostelle – located 0.3 miles from the venue. £122.34 per night.

Grand Hôtel Dechampaigne – located 0.3 miles from the venue. £200.03 per night.

Hôtel des Deux-Iles – located 0.4 miles from the venue. £283.98 per night

Hotel du Jeu de Paume – located 0.4 miles from the venue. £388 per night.

Albe Hotel – located 0.4 miles from the event. £232.18 per night.

Hotels in Guyancourt

Best Western Paris Saint-Quentin – located 2.3 miles from the venue. £312.55 per night.

Les Clefs du Roy – located 2.6 miles from the venue. £285.76 per night.

Hôtel De La Chapelle – located 3 miles from the venue. £235.75 per night.

Le Manoir De Sauvegrain – located 3.2 miles from the venue. £258.97 per night.

Appart’City Confort St Quentin en Yvelines-Bois d’Arcy – located 3.4 miles from the venue. £149.13 per night.

A I’Hotel des Roys-Versailles – located 3.8 miles from the venue. £214.32 per night.

HotelF1 Plaisir-Plaisir – located 5 miles from the venue. £42.99 per night

Hotels in Versailles

A I’Hotel des Roys-Versailles – located 0.1 miles from the venue. £214.32 per night.

Les Clefs du Roy – located 2.9 miles from the venue – £285.76 per night.

Holiday Inn Express PARIS-VELIZY – located 3.9 miles from the venue – £242.90

It is worth noting that not all hotels are reflected here. I only chose to provide you with the top 10 hotel accommodations based on its proximity to the venue. You can sort the hotel listing by price, distance from the venue, star ratings, and guest rating.

Just a fair warning – almost all the hotels in Versailles and Guyancourt have been sold out. This is regardless if you are trying to sort out the available hotels ranking from lowest to the highest price or vice versa. It would be even easier to drive through Miami in a Mercedes than to find a room!

If you haven’t booked your flight ticket and hotel reservations for the Ryder Cup 2018 tournament, I recommend that you book as early as now since everything is fast selling out.

If you are travelling with your family, you might want to consider other means of accommodation particularly if you are the only one attending the tournament. Choosing an accommodation that is mid-way the sight seeing tourist spots and the Ryder Cup 2018 venue would be a good alternative.

5 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Golf Cart Battery

Golf carts are now available in either gas or electricity powered versions. Similar to automobiles, the golf cart also has a set of batteries that require regular care and maintenance.

If you own an electric golf cart, checking the battery water level is a must. This doesn’t mean that you should let the battery in your gas fueled golf cart unchecked though. Here are some simple steps that you can do on your own without consulting a mechanic.

Safety First

Wear protective gear even when you are just wanting to check on the water level. Safety goggles, waterproof apron, and rubber gloves are good investments.

Take note that batteries contain gases that can be explosive if exposed to open flame or sparks. Work in a well-ventilated area but away from open flames.

Be sure that the wires are situated away from the battery posts when disconnecting. You can put a rubber cap at the end of each terminal if you want to be sure that you won’t intentionally cause a spark.

Regularly Check the Battery Water Level

Make it a habit to check the battery water level each time you use your golf cart. Keep in mind that going above or below the recommended battery water level can also cause a shorter battery lifespan.

Take the time to learn the recommended battery water level (usually about half an inch above the battery plates). There is also a battery water indicator for easy reference.  In case you are having difficulty seeing the amount of water, use a flashlight.

Make sure that the battery is fully charged before you add the distilled water. If the battery plates are exposed, don’t recharge. Add a small amount of water just until the plates are covered then proceed with charging.

Once fully charged, check for the water level again and add water until it reaches the battery water level indicator.

Distilled Water Only

Only use distilled water for refilling batteries. Tap water can damage your batteries due to the presence of minerals that are harmful to the battery.

Check the Connections

Carefully inspect all the connector wires and cables. If you noticed even a slight fraying on the cable or a worn terminal, don’t hesitate to replace them. Left unattended, this can cause battery damage and corrosion.

Tighten the connections just enough to limit the movement of the battery during travel but not too tight that you could accidentally crack the battery case or, in some cases, cause it to buckle.

Keeping it Clean

Keeping the battery and its attachments clean and free from dust and grime helps prevent corrosion. You can use a homemade solution made of one-gallon water and 1 cup baking soda to clean the battery and terminals.

Remember that you are only cleaning the outside of the battery and not the inside. Check that the battery covers are firmly in place before proceeding with the cleaning process.

For additional protection, you might want to invest in a spray that acts as a battery terminal protector. You can check online for ideas on where you can purchase this product.

4 Tips for Golf Cart Care and Preventive Maintenance

Golf carts, just like any other form of vehicle, whether old or brand-new needs proper care and maintenance to keep it running at its tip top condition. Here are some tips on the proper maintenance of your golf cart.

Read the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual is one great information source. It is provided to new golf cart owners and should be kept for future reference.

In case you misplaced your owner’s manual, check the Internet to look for free downloadable owner’s manual for you golf cart model. Can’t find one online? Check with your distributor for assistance.

The owner’s manual contains information on how to safely operate the golf car including general maintenance and easy repair of some problems that you may encounter. One thing that the owner’s manual doesn’t contain would be information on how to repair slightly more difficult issues.

Check the Batteries

Whether you own a gas or electric powered golf cart, it pays to regularly check the batteries since this is the main power source. But before you begin, make sure that you are wearing protective gear, such as gloves and safety goggles.

Batteries do contain gases that are explosive. Make sure that you are opening the battery in a well-ventilated area and far from materials that can cause sparks. Keep those cigarettes and any other open flame far away.

Check the batteries for possible battery corrosion, loose wiring and broken or frayed cables. Don’t use your golf cart until you have replaced any broken or frayed cables. Make sure those loose wires are tightly screwed on.

The loose wires or frayed cables is one cause of battery corrosion, which is why you should make it a habit to regularly check that everything is in good condition and tightly screwed on. Don’t forget to keep those batteries clean as well. Accumulated dust and grime can also cause battery corrosion.

Nowadays, you can purchase protective covers that help protect batteries from corrosion. If you want a cheaper alternative, you can always smear some petroleum jelly on the top of the battery to prevent dust and grime accumulation on the battery itself. Just make sure to wipe it off once in a while.

Keeping the Tire Pressure

Keep your tires in the recommended tire pressure psi to get the most out of your golf cart tires. Overinflating your tires can compromise your golf cart’s safety and ride quality as well as the lifespan of your tires.

If you are unsure of just how much pressure your golf car should have, check the side wall of the tire. You’ll find the information there.

Lubricate the Joints

A well-oiled machine always gives great performance, and this is also applicable to your golf cart. Have your golf cart periodically lubricated particularly if you just got it out of storage. Scheduling the lubrication to be done on a quarterly basis would be great.

If you are not quite confident in keeping your golf cart maintained, asking for assistance from your local mechanic would also work.

Golf Carts – Are They Street Legal?

You see golf carts as a common vehicle used to get around golf courses and you might have seen one or two around your residential area, but have you  ever wondered if it is legal to use them on the streets? The good news is that golf cart manufacturers are now releasing street legal models in the market.

The most common street legal golf carts are the electric golf carts though. If you are in the market to purchase a street legal golf cart, be on the lookout for the acronym LSV. This stands for low speed vehicle, which makes it completely street legal.

Three good things to consider about purchasing a street legal golf cart would be that they are easier to operate, less expensive to purchase, and more environment friendly (since most are powered by electricity) compared to cars.

Since they usually have a maximum speed of 35 mph, it might even be a safer alternative to any other motor vehicle. You can use them for those small almost everyday trips to the grocery or the nearest park with your family or friends.

Some golf cart dealers do offer an upgrade option to allow their customers to own a street legal golf cart. The prices and upgrade add-ons may vary. If you already own a golf cart that is not yet street legal, it would be best to contact your golf cart dealer to check if the option is available for you.

If you find yourself wanting to own a street legal golf cart, even if you don’t play golf, don’t just go ahead and purchase the first street legal golf cart that you see. Take the time to shop around for what the market has to offer. See which one best suits your needs before finalizing your choice.

Does the number of available models give you a headache? Here are some 2018 models for electric golf carts that are street legal which might interest you:

Club Car Villager 2+2 LX LSV

This latest model from Club Car comfortably seats 4 persons and can run up to 35 mph. It has an indicator for battery capacity, a speedometer, and an hour meter.

Available in the standard colors of white, beige, and dark green. It also comes in classic blue, red, green, diamond white pearl, sand luster metallic, and titanium silver.

StarEV Classic 48V Electric Golf Cart Street Legal

This latest model from StarEV comfortably seats 6 persons and can run up to 25 mph. It has an indicator for battery capacity and has available upgrade options for your customization pleasure.

It is available in black with black or tan colored seats.

Tomberlin Emerge Saloon Red E4-SS Street Legal

This latest model comfortably seats 4 persons and can run up to 25 mph. It has 3-point safety belts and an optional matching rear-facing seats for two passengers.

It comes equipped with an illuminated digital speedometer and odometer, which are mounted on the dashboard. It is available in five standard colors.

The Elusive Hole in One Car Prize – Why You Should Try

Golf clubs and event organizers have always tried to entice golfers to sign up for a golf tournament by offering a hole in one car as part of the prizes. If you haven’t played golf before it helps to get an idea just what I am talking about.

Basically, a hole in one car prize is a golfer’s winning prize for getting his golf ball into a hole in just one shot from the tee. Great right? Not so fast because getting a hole in one is a bit harder than what you might think.

Another thing to note is that you should carefully read the rules and regulations of winning the hole in one prize since the rules are pretty strict and the winner should be within the set rules and regulations to claim his hole in one prize.

Getting back to winning the hole in prize, it basically all comes down to a combination of luck and a good swing. Even the most experienced and professional players don’t get the hole in one experience as much as they want to. This is probably the basic reason why golf clubs and event organizers offer a luxury car as a prize during prestigious golf tournaments.

The model of the car on offer would also vary depending on the tournament category, the fee to join the tournament, and of course the major car sponsor. For big stakes tournaments where golf masters play, the event organizers do offer luxury car models.

The PGA Tour’s BMW Championship always includes hole in one car prizes, which is usually one of their almost top-of-the-line luxury car models.

One of the most popular hole in one car prizes at the BMW Championship was the BMW i8 won by James Morrison during the BMW PGA Championship in 2016. The current minimum suggested retail price for the 2019 edition of the BMW i8 starts at $147,500.

If you classify yourself as an amateur golfer, then you might be interested that amateurs also get their chance of winning a hole in one prize. This year, the Carlsberg Golf Classic tournament for amateurs in Malaysia will be celebrating its 25th Silver Jubilee.

Lots of cash prizes are up for grabs. For hole in one winners, they are offering the Mercedes Benz AMG C 200 and E 200 Avantgarde Line.

Take note, however, that not all tournaments advertise their hole in one prizes. It would be safe to say that such prizes are usually announced nearer the tournament opening. Keep in mind that golfers tend to play for the prestige and game itself…and prizes are just bonuses for them.

The hole in one car prize might seem elusive to you but as the old saying goes, “try and try until you succeed.” After all, there is no harm in trying, is there? What are you waiting for?

Go put your golf attire on, take out your golf clubs from the storage bin, call up your old golf buddies, and go enjoy a nice day of golf. You’ll never know, you just might win a hole in one prize after all!

The Top 5 Best Selling Golf Shoes for Men by Adidas

Adidas has long been manufacturing footwear for players and fans of any sports including golfers.

Adidas currently has about 60 styles of golf shoes available for men that can be purchased online. Here we’ll be presenting the top 5 best sellers:

Adipower S Boost 3

Available in 5 colors. Built with energy-returning Boost to keep the wearer feeling powerful from start to finish. The design uses Climastorm material to provide breathable and water-repellent protection to keep the wearer comfortable and dry.

It has a Puremotion outsole that has been strategically-placed Adiwear traction for stability where it is most needed. The toe shape is slightly rounded. Suggested retail price (SRP) at $130.

Tour360 Boost 2.0

Available in 9 colors. The design uses Climaproof material to provide the wearer protection from snow, rain, and wind while the Premium leather upper gives it a comfortable feel, rich look, and long-lasting durability and protection.

It has a Torsion Tunnel that provides independent control and flexibility between the forefoot and the heel. At the same time, Torsion Tunnel provides enhance support for the arch. SRP at $200.

Tour360 Knit

Available in 5 colors. Also features Climastorm and Boost technology. It has a wide forefoot that helps enhance fit and comfort. The Adidas PrimeKnit wraps the wearers foot thus providing ultralight comfort with adaptive support.

It also has 360Wrap that helps support and lock in the foot for a secure fit and enhanced stability. The Tour360 Knot has Torsion Tunnel and an advanced 10-cleat Puremotion TPU with Centraxion and Thintech EXP cleats that have been placed strategically to provide the much-needed grip and stability. SRP at $180.

Adicross Bounce

Available in 3 colors. It features Bounce cushioning with leather upper and synthetic foam midsole. It also has the Adiwear outsole to provide wear durability both off and on the golf course. SRP at $120.

Tour360 EQT Boa

Available in 3 colors. It features the Boa Closure System that gives the wearer enhance security and fit. It is also equipped with the Boost and Climaproof technologies. Premium microfiber and leather upper provides a rich look, long-lasting durability, and soft comfortable feel. SRP at $230.

It is also notable that Adidas doesn’t stop here. Adidas has also announced two new golf shoes that are soon to be released.

Crossknit 2.0

The target release date is on the 1st of August 2018 at 7 AM GMT. It will be available in 7 colors. The Crossknit 2.0 sleek design was inspired by the look of casual shoes. It features the Boost technology but made of Primeknit thus providing golfers with the comfort they need without sacrificing their need for lateral stability.

The Crossknit 2.0 will have elastic closure bands to allow the wearer the convenience of putting the shoes on and taking it off. SRP at $160.

Tour360 Knit

The target release date is on the 1st of August 2018 at 7 AM GMT. It will be available in 5 colors. It has the same features as the former Tour360 Knit shoes that are out in the market. This would be the Climastorm, Boost, Primeknit, Torsion Tunnel, 360Wrap, and the dual density 10-cleat Puremotion TPU outsole. The only difference is the color combination and possibly the price. The soon to be released version has an SRP of $190.